Sunday, 17 August 2008

Go on, make me feel good. I dare you.

Sunday lunch...

...with Dan.
My weekend reading and knitting chair with ubiquitous cardigan.

Gorgeous chilies and food-grade rose petals...

...whizzed up into harissa (rose and regular batches).

The Teddington Library garden around the corner from work...

...where I can hide during lunch, b/c almost no-one from work bothers with the little liberry.

Coffee on the balcony our first morning in Lisbon, at our fab little hotel, Costta Rooms.

Finding a giant passionflower vine on a walk back from Richmond, and wondering if they really always grow as well here as they do in New Orleans. Then, later, spying one on a run near the river, and feeling reassured it's not a fluke thanks to some fantastic gardener.

Amazing brekky from a weekend a while back.

Yep. that all makes me feel better.