Monday, 5 April 2010

All Springy, NY

Landing in NY for a week in spring means: lots of walking, cherry blossoms, blazing sun, temptation to buy stuff, brunch in Brooklyn with friends (brekky quesedilla? Yes please!), good coffee, better pizza, Momofuku pork buns and red velvet cake ice cream with cousin Mieke, 24-hr Apple store, Zabar's, excellent family Easter dinner, post-dinner walk in Central Park to check out the rollerblading fabulists, Purl, the stunning New York Public Library, meeting Samski's good pal, songwriter Paul Evans, walking the Brooklyn Bridge for the sunny-day view, and not a small sense of liberation.

Best cheese toast ever, really.

Hudson River blues, man

Central Park Easter afternoon

Paul Evans, lifelong Manhattanite, hit songwriter and all-round lovely guy, gets his oats.

Steamed pork bun picnic - mmmmmm

Manhattan in our sights