Wednesday, 13 February 2008

An inconvenient fruit

I actually like peeling pomegranate, the same way I like polishing silver (not that I own enough to get bored with the upkeep). They're really cheap right now, so I've been buying them, letting them 'rest' in the fruit bowl for a week or so, then sitting down for a good 10-15 minutes of teasing out the dark ruby seeds. Well worth the effort, esp. when you consider how much it costs to buy a fifth of this amount pre-packaged (crazyfool prices). These were destined to tart up some morning yoghurt (plain), and Nigella's chickpeas with rocket (arugula) and sherry.

Your video valentine

I hope you like it. This goes out to my friends, with feelin'.

(And many thanks to Dan for picking out those John Martyn cds last weekend.)

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Year of the Rat

I missed the actual date of Chinese New Year 2008 (the 7th), but when Dan and I turned onto Lisle Street in Chinatown/Soho last Saturday to pick up some choi sum at Seewoo, I knew my Year o' the Pig was over. 2007 wasn't a particularly lucky year for me, even though I'm a Metal Pig, but I suppose nothing terrible happened, and sometimes that's all you can ask.

So, Year of the Earth Rat. Doesn't sound very auspicious, does it? But apparently, 'Metal element persons enjoy a nurturing year of resources, care and happiness, as Earth is the parent element to Metal'. Dan's a Metal Dog, so hopefully we're in for a cosy time of it in 2008.

Profile of Metal Pig, according to a rather useful site if you're looking for the perfect mate:

'Outspoken and confident, Metal Pigs give 110% for everything they do. They throw themselves into relationships with others completely, sometimes to a fault. These Pigs are headstrong and diligent in the workplace, honest and caring in a relationship and trustworthy with everyone he meets unless given reason not to be. Metal Pigs usually give people more credit than they deserve but when challenged can be a hard nut to crack.'

Oh, and the choi sum turned out fantastic. In fact, it was the best bit of an mmm-worthy Sunday dinner that included crispy five-spice duck with ho-made plum sauce and jasmine brown rice. I simply boiled the choi sum with slices of ginger in imitation of the delectable greens we get at our favourite Chinese place ever, Won Kei. Love!

PS: Piggy plate pic found here; rather cute rat illustration lives here


That's the word that came to mind when I happened upon this small herd of deer (there were 10, total) during a lunchtime run in Bushy Park yesterday, though I soon realised 'musky' was the word I wanted.

I love seeing the deer when I run. Otherwise I'm not so fond of Bushy Park, because large areas of it are unshaded, tufty grassland, difficult to hike through and monotonous in the scenery.

But still, it's a park, and being able to get out for fresh air on a fine workday, away from traffic and shops, is a huge perk of the job location.

The first time I saw deer while running, I was picking my way through a long column of trees and found myself among a big herd that included stags - giant prongs and all! Several of them lifted their heads and stared at me, completely still, until I jogged past. It was most unsettling.

Even more intimidating was the time I and a few gals from the local running club went deep into the park as evening fell, and we suddenly realised we were far too close to a herd during mating season. One stag started roaring - it's like a really angry 'moo'. Then we saw two of them run and lock horns. Breathtaking, but a bit scary. I keep a respectful distance from my deer friends these days.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Why, hello there

Why blog? We all know the surface details of our lives are ephemeral: short-lived, and likely to slip from grasp or view at any moment. But if you know me at all, you know that I tend to dwell on things. So this blog is how I plan to reconcile the tension between the dwelling and the letting go.

Plus, like a gazillion other people, I like to take pictures of cool stuff, and it all has to be organised somehow.

PS: The blog's header image is the gorgeous whimsy of Carl Warner (click on Photographics).