Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Year of the Rat

I missed the actual date of Chinese New Year 2008 (the 7th), but when Dan and I turned onto Lisle Street in Chinatown/Soho last Saturday to pick up some choi sum at Seewoo, I knew my Year o' the Pig was over. 2007 wasn't a particularly lucky year for me, even though I'm a Metal Pig, but I suppose nothing terrible happened, and sometimes that's all you can ask.

So, Year of the Earth Rat. Doesn't sound very auspicious, does it? But apparently, 'Metal element persons enjoy a nurturing year of resources, care and happiness, as Earth is the parent element to Metal'. Dan's a Metal Dog, so hopefully we're in for a cosy time of it in 2008.

Profile of Metal Pig, according to a rather useful site if you're looking for the perfect mate:

'Outspoken and confident, Metal Pigs give 110% for everything they do. They throw themselves into relationships with others completely, sometimes to a fault. These Pigs are headstrong and diligent in the workplace, honest and caring in a relationship and trustworthy with everyone he meets unless given reason not to be. Metal Pigs usually give people more credit than they deserve but when challenged can be a hard nut to crack.'

Oh, and the choi sum turned out fantastic. In fact, it was the best bit of an mmm-worthy Sunday dinner that included crispy five-spice duck with ho-made plum sauce and jasmine brown rice. I simply boiled the choi sum with slices of ginger in imitation of the delectable greens we get at our favourite Chinese place ever, Won Kei. Love!

PS: Piggy plate pic found here; rather cute rat illustration lives here

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