Saturday, 5 April 2008

Ivywood Productions, doll

And now for a word from our sponsors.

Okay, Ivywood Productions is not an official sponsor of my ephemeral endeavours, but I'd be popping buttons with pride if it were. Ivywood is the newly launched website of Sam Szczepanski - friend, cosmic advisor, music industry maven and back-catalogue consultant extraordinaire. The site itself is a treat; the inspirations are a must-see, with vintage Hollywood glam delivered beautifully through Sam's inimitable exposition and visual style.

To carry on with our sponsorship theme just a moment longer, you can also see some of Dan's work in the Ivywood gallery - Eddie Cochran, Diana Dors, and The Lewis Three are recent projects he completed in harmonious, tea-fuelled partnership with our Samski.

Finally, I must add that Sam's cv is the most entertaining and compelling I've ever read (click on her name once you arrive to view the pdf). Sure, a music industry career is bound to be more intriguing than most, but I think it's Sam's tiki-tinged panache that makes it such a good read.

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