Sunday, 8 June 2008

Button Bright

Vintage buttons sewn onto old cards. If ever there was something that makes me itch to part with my hard-earned least I restricted myself to these, because at one point I had £40 worth in my hands! Twee local shop Parici is responsible.

The black concave discs on either end are competing for the honour of fastening my current project, the Buttony jumper/cardi (thanx to Kittee for the knitalong idea). Those delicate moonstoney ones have the slightest whisper of a ridge to them and a striated pearliness I couldn't quite capture. The remaining black buttons brought gothic, cobwebby shawls to mind.

I hate to put them away...

PS: Does Button Bright ring a bell? Think Oz books...


eliza said...

eeee. cute buttons!
ooh so you are going to do the buttony sweater!! i'm going to try it too. i'm unravelling the never finished boobie holder shrug of yore and will try to do this buttony sweater it is TOO CUTE on!

Noël said...


Am loving the Buttony. Once you get past the rigmarole of threading it all onto different holders to try on, and you're over the chest, it's easy street! I figure I'm 2 weeks away from the finish, max.

Frenchy aka Bike Boy said...

Most Favored Cousin,
how nice of you to drop by my blog...on top of the eye issue which I had at the wedding, it seems I have gone and broke my hand (wrote that last bit with faux English accent)...I really am in a terrible state (again faux English accent).

Dig the site and food content. The piece on Ivy Productions is good and made want the Eddie Cochran disc.

In unison, the family agreed how cool you are at the wedding. We rarely agree on anything so there must be something to it.\

please stay in touch and give my bearded cousin the best.