Sunday, 17 February 2008

I don't think so

'Spoil Your Mum' with an iron? Anyone who gives their mum an iron for Mother's Day deserves to be smacked with it!

Which reminds me of one of my favourite jokes. Well, it's more of an anecdote...anyway, my old workpal Ray had a friend in the NOPD who told him this one:

Ray's officer friend answered a domestic disturbance call to find a man alone in his living room, bleeding from the head. When asked what had happened, he muttered, 'She hit me with the smoo.'

'She hit you with what?' the officer asked, thinking he'd misheard.

'The smoo, man, the smoo.'

Now the officer was truly puzzled. 'What's a smoo?'

The poor guy looked at the officer like he was stupid. 'You know, man, what you smoo your clothes with!'

PS: The photo focus sucks b/c I had to take it surreptitiously with my phone. I doubt Tesco typically allows photography in-store, and an employee was restocking nearby.

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